Life is too beautiful for ugly design experience

Life is too beautiful for ugly design experience

Life is too beautiful for ugly design experience

Great design is invisible, they say. Great design should not make you think, they added. Why? Because the ultimate goal of a great design experience is to make you feel nothing less than delighted.

How often do we, as users, question design and our experience with it? Do we remember that uncomfortable chair that we returned? Or that crashing website that we gave up on? And what about that confusing instructions manual? We have probably forgotten about all of them by now, but one fact remains — we never went back for more. We formed a negative association with that particular brand, service, or product and have since chosen to go elsewhere. Why? Because going back solves nothing.

We, as humans, always seek something better — something more intuitive, straightforward, convenient, beautiful, and genuine — and design and our experience with it is no exception. We don’t spare much thought on design experiences when they are delightful simply because they don’t force us to. Once we realize that everything man-made is designed and that we’ve had the “users” label since the beginning of humankind, only then can we start to contemplate all the positive design experiences in a new, much more appreciative way. That’s right, shout out to design and its innovative nature for not relying on an actual pigeon to fetch our inbox!


“Life is too beautiful for ugly design experience.”


While we, as users, might not be able to fully understand every single bit of planning, testing, insight, knowledge, and expertise that goes into creating every design experience we encounter, we will always gladly reap the benefits of that labor. And yes, we definitely should, because life is too beautiful for ugly design experiences.

So here’s a humble plea to everyone: from now on, celebrate the intuitive, the straightforward, the convenient, the beautiful, the genuine, and the delightful — and all the invisible minds behind it all. Designers are a friendly bunch. Think of the design of everyday things. They make the world a better and more beautiful place to be.