Mentoring on design, idea realization & mindset

Mentoring on design, idea realization & mindset

Mentoring on design, idea realization & mindset

Hi, I’m Bara. I’m a digital product & brand designer using holistic design and psychology to help startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs manifest the full potential of their businesses and successfully grow them. You may already be familiar with my design & psychology work. And you may now book business, design, and mindset mentoring with me!


“I love helping great people with great ideas!”


Since there’s nothing better than seeing people and ideas succeed, I’d like to help you overcome your obstacles — whether they may be business, design, or mindset related. I’m a firm believer that combining great ideas with great design and a great mindset can set absolutely anyone up for success:



Idea mentoring is perfect for anyone with an idea, innovation, or project they’d like to turn into a business but don’t know how or where to start.



Design mentoring is perfect for anyone looking to discover how their existing brand/digital/business presence could be elevated to the next level and serve them, their business, and their users even better.



Mindset mentoring is perfect for anyone who is perhaps feeling a bit intimidated by their goal and is looking for guidance on becoming their best self, reaching their full potential, and living the life they always envisioned.


“Advice is most effective when it’s personalised!”


I look forward to connecting with you 1:1 through a chat on Superpeer understanding your particular needs and specific goals. Until then, have a fantastic day. Or, book your session with me now!