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Cobalance is a coworking space provider dedicated to growing communities that thrive on wellbeing, connection and productivity — and above all — enhance an individual’s own ideal work/life balance. Cobalance reached out for a brand & digital overhaul. Audit revealed the need for a new vision regarding the brand and strategy, repositioning the business to attract target audience as well as a brand-new digital presence.

The now simplified and user-friendly digital experience clearly communicates Cobalance’s unique proposition and highlights the full range of services they offer. Inspired by human interaction and opportunity, the branding translates Cobalance’s core values into a visual language — also leveraging the flexibility of the “dots” system across all brand & digital touchpoints.

Developing a system of “dots” that encapsulates collaboration, networking and motion allows for an infinite number of visual variations. These can be consistently applied across branding, digital and packaging — enabling the brand to stay dynamic and scale up with future growth.

With an active & driven user in mind, the digital product now benefits from reconceptualised information architecture, improved functionality and overall ease of use.

Showcasing product, interior, food & drink through an art-directed photography style elevates the overall perception of the brand.

Coffee bags, food labels & stickers, menus or take-away cups — pairing eco-friendly packaging with Cobalance’s identity extended the brand into the physical world.

Custom-designed icons, a vibrant colour palette and modern typefaces were all carefully considered in order to create a design system that now contributes towards Cobalance’s simplified & user-friendly ecommerce experience.